Cheri's Sweet Treats

                                            Specialty Cakes

We have MANY MANY themed cakes for you to chose from! Check out some of our pictures below!Prices for each cake average about $45.00, just email us for more info!




  Wine Bottles            Witch & Vampire         Tweety                     Truck                  Barbie



        Taz                     Spaceship               Teletubbies               Thomas                    Scooby Doo




  Pokemon                   Popeye                 Rugrats Kids         Raggedy Ann            Noahs Ark




  Minnie Mouse         Monkey            Mini-Garfeild              Mini-Egg                  Horseshoe





  Graduation Owl      Graduate              Garfeild                       Football                  Easter Bunny




          Castle                Cathy-Comic       Cookie Monster     Count Draguka          Doghouse




     Blues Clues              Bugs Bunny      Cabbage Patch Kids       Big Bird                        Batman




        Barbie          Year 2000 *but can make any year



  • "These cupcakes are amazing. I have tried many people's versions of "gourmet" cupcakes and I have to say these at the best. The red velvet was so good and with real cream chees..."
    A cupcake snob
  • "I purchased a Groupon certifcate and I am impressed with the quick responses I got when contacting the compant about questions I had. I used the certificate for my husbands birt..."
    Casey Moore